Demand Planner: Forecast & Manage Your Demand

We provide the best in class supply chain planning solutions for enterprises. Our solutions are designed to streamline your company’s supply chain, giving it an edge over your competitors. We offer customised solutions, tailored to meet your needs and help you achieve your business goals.


• Track sales signals near real-time & marketing inputs periodically
• Analyse, interpret & provide actionable insights; prepare data for forecasting


• Push consensus demand plan into key S&OP processes & planning systems – inventory, supply / replenishment planning)


• Create multi dimensional segmented forecasts based on customized statistical techniques
• Incorporate business relevant causals (promotions, events, etc.) into forecasts


• Review previous period forecast accuracy in S&OP demand review
• Get inputs from sales, supply chain & finance to drive consensus demand plan

Improve your Forecast Accuracy

A comprehensive range of supply chain services

Complete Demand Planning Architecture

Platform for Demand Planning Process

The Demand Planning Engine

Robust & Scalable Solution

Agility in Demand Planning leads to agility in Supply Chains

Designing the future of your supply chain

Spashta Demand Planner

Efficacy … consider all tiers of your supply chain with relevant constraints
Data Ingestion … easily import / export data … multiple options including Excel
Agility … perform rapid “what-if scenarios”, quickly customize constraints, etc.

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Improved ROI