Replenishment Planning: Optimize demand fulfillment

Spashta’s approach is to create a single platform in which all business functions are brought under one roof. This gives companies a chance to efficiently plan and coordinate their operations with greater ease, reducing operational costs and increasing profits.

Optimize your supply chain footprint

Innovative & agile solutions

Meet demand. Manage inventory. Optimize supply.

Meet demand. Manage inventory. Optimize supply.

Optimize the replenishment plan

A comprehensive range of supply chain services

Inputs & Considerations

Solution Output


Ensure on-shelf product availability to maximize order fulfilment

Operating Costs

Minimize shipping & storage costs by having right product at right place

Cash Flow

Maximize inventory turns through ‘agile stocking & replenishment’

Right Products at the Right Place and Right Time

Designing the future of your supply chain

Spashta Replenishment Planner

Efficacy … consider all dimensions of the problem with a self learning solver
Speed … solve large & complex problems in minutes (vs. hours & overnight runs)
Agility … perform rapid “what-if scenarios”, fine tune business rules & use “anchored planning”

Quick Implementations

Executable Plans

Improved ROI