Container Load Optimizer: Maximize space utilization

Spashta helps manufacturers, suppliers and distributors to achieve their strategic goals and gain competitive advantage with the help of supply chain planning solutions.

Optimize the Packing Utilization of Container or Vehicle

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Generate optimal load plans for different customer orders to save on shipment costs

Loading Cylindrical Products

• Traditional loading solutions work with products with cuboidal dimensions & cannot provide optimal loading plans for cylindrical products
• Spashta’s customized Solver has been specifically developed for this application to create the best loading plan for cylindrical products

“Take >5% cost out of your truck load expenses through optimized container loading while meeting schedules”

Process flow for optimal loads

Industry-leading expertise
• Dimensions of the
Container(s) & the Load
• Shipment quantities
• Customer details
• Shipment rules
• Customized metaheuristic that balances optimality & speed
• Based on research & Spashta’s expertise in optimization algorithms
• Load Plan … what load goes into each container
• Visualization of placement of the load in the container
• ‘What-if’ Scenario Planning
• Relevant parameters & rules to perform what-if plans or re-plans

Spashta Container Load Optimizer

Optimizer … based on academic research & customized for container loading problem
Visualization … easy-to-understand view of loading plans for planners & loaders
Agility … perform rapid “what-if scenarios”, quickly customize constraints, etc.

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