Production Planning: Run your factory efficiently

We bring in our deep understanding of the supply chain and industry best practices to take your company from where it is now, to where it wants to be. Our process combines research, analysis and results-driven recommendations for all areas of the supply chain planning process.

Pull Materials + Allocate Capacities + Schedule Resources = Meet Demand On-Time


Improve the efficiency of your manufacturing operations

Maximize Production Capabilities

A comprehensive range of supply chain services

Inputs & Considerations

Solution Output

Demand-Supply optimization at Factories

Designing the future of your supply chain

Production Systems Supported

Production stages … of your supply chain with stocking locations
Production campaigns … single stage production with large setups and multiple campaigns with long batch runs
Job shops … multiple products with unique ‘production routes’ that need to be sequenced across shared machines
Assembly lines … sequencing different jobs on a single assembly line with changes in tools, setups, etc.
Assembly operations … managing products with multiple stages of assembly & material constraints, shared resources

Spashta Production Planner

Efficacy … consider all tiers of your supply chain with relevant constraints
Data Ingestion … easily import / export data … multiple options including Excel
Agility … perform rapid “what-if scenarios”, quickly customize constraints, etc.

Quick Implementations

Executable Plans

Improved ROI